Being aware of your Teen’s behavioral Style and driving forces is the key to connecting positively with your Teen. Self-awareness is critical to academic success, positive relationships, and growth. With strong self-awareness, teens will be able to succeed on both personal and professional levels.

TIA| Talent Insights Assessment is coming to you in a Seminar for parents on 27th November at Tanweer Culture Center.

The Seminar will cover:

  • Why Self-Awareness Is Important to Your Teen’s Success?

  • What are your Teen’s strengths, blind spots, skills and talents?

  • What Parents & Teens can do in Career Planning?

  • Insights on the Teen’s personalities to how it can help parents to better understand them.

  • How can TIA diffuse communication clashes between parents and their children? &MORE….

Our Seminar speaker will be:


Dr. Mohamed Omar

  • MD of TTISI – Master Assessor
  • one of the leaders in the psychometric assessment in Egypt & KSA

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