Self-awareness can make a difference in school, university, work, and personal relationships. It’s not always about just knowing that our sons/daughters are different. It’s also about communicating through those differences and understanding how to live and communicate with others more effectively. Differences make up the world, but they can also be harmful when communication fails because of them.

TIA| Talent Insights Assessment is coming to you in a Seminar for parents on 27th November at Tanweer Culture Center.

The Seminar will answer all your questions about TIA :

  • How can parents use it with their sons/daughters

  • How can students benefit from it in their career planning

  • How can TIA diffuses communication clashes between parents and their children…&MORE

Our Seminar speaker will be:

Dr. Mohamed Omar

  • MD of TTISI – Master Assessor
  • one of the leaders in the psychometric assessment in Egypt & KSA