You feed and shelter your children, you protect and nurture them. Soon enough, they’re off to places you can’t always be. Sorry to tell you, it will come earlier than you think; it always does.

TIA is by no means an expert’s guide to parenting, nor does it decide if you’re parenting well or not.

It describes the behavioral styles of your children, not as good or bad; just different. Additionally, it identifies their most comfortable behaviors so you can act based on it with them.

TIA helps you maximize their behavioral strengths and be more aware of behaviors that represent challenge you. In addition, TIA helps you better understand your children’s behavioral styles so you can make more effective adjustments along the way.

TIA also shows how you to tend to come across to your children. It provides information and feedback to help you better manage their behaviors and your parenting as well in different situations.

The most powerful outcome is understanding how your children prefer to be treated and communicated, also having the situational awareness of when to adjust your style. Success comes from owning their behavioral strengths, challenges and making the most effective adjustments needed while parenting.



Published On: December 20th, 2021 / Categories: TIA /